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Media Release

U.S. Holds Hydrology Training in Kosrae and Chuuk

November 15, 2010

On October 26-27 and November 1-2, U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA-NRCS) conducted workshops entitled “Hydrology and Surface Water Management Training” in Kosrae and Chuuk, respectively. Led by State Conservation Engineer Jeffrey C. Wheaton of USDA-NRCS Pacific Islands Area – West Area Office in Guam, each training session featured approximately fifteen participants from F.S.M. National and State Government, as well as representatives from environmental non-government organizations.

The two-day training began with welcoming remarks in Kosrae by Kosrae Island Resource Management Authority (KIRMA) Director Robert Jackson, and in Chuuk by Chuuk Department of Agriculture Director Innocente Penno. The agenda included overviews of soil erosion, hydrology, rainfall and runoff concepts, and watershed delineation. Attendees also learned how to analyze hydrographs, runoff models, and how to utilize software to access invaluable surface water data.

The successful workshop concluded with numerous comments about how important it is for local offices to consider the impact on the local watershed when planning, designing, and implementing local projects. Training participants at the state and national level requested follow-up activities to promote further learning and concept application.

In addition to the training sessions in Kosrae, Wheaton, along with USDA NRCS Resource Conservationist Paul Lake (F.S.M. Field Office, Pohnpei) toured the farm of Mr. Hamada. The two observed well managed growing areas placed on the contours that appear to be very productive and sustainable. In Chuuk, the NRCS staff participated in World Food Day activities. They also visited with UFO Conservation Society on the island of Fefan to discuss their efforts with traditional and modern coconut oil processing and vegetable production.

A similar workshop was conducted in Pohnpei in May.